Increasing OEM Visibility to Shopfloor Operations for the Win

A former employee of General Motors and Tesla talks about the issues that led to shutdowns on factory lines, and what small- to medium-sized manufacturers can do today to win business from large OEMs.

Marposs Celebrates its Past, Eyes Future Opportunities

During its open house in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Marposs presentations focused on future opportunities across growing industries such as EV and semiconductors.

In Moldmaking, Mantle Process Addresses Lead Time and Talent Pool

A new process delivered through what looks like a standard machining center promises to streamline machining of injection mold cores and cavities and even answer the declining availability of toolmakers.
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Eliminating Automotive Defects Per Million With Automated Visual Inspection

This automotive manufacturer virtually eliminated PPM defect complaints after implementing an automated visual inspection system at its facility.

DN Solutions Responds to Labor Shortages, Reshoring, the Automotive Industry and More

At its first in-person DIMF since 2019, DN Solutions showcased a range of new technologies, from automation to machine tools to software. President WJ Kim explains how these products are responses to changes within the company and the manufacturing industry as a whole.    

Tungaloy-NTK PCD Grade Optimizes Dimensional Accuracy

The DX200 is an effective tool for machining application-specific components that demand high levels of material purity, such as metal medical implants and sputtering targets for semiconductor applications.

Horizontal High-Speed Machining Saves Hundreds of Work Hours

High-speed machining is the latest change at Blair-HSM South, helping this once old-fashioned shop improve productivity and morale while enabling new work.

The Producto Group Appoints New Member to Board of Directors

Dean Schauer, the newest appointee to the company’s board of directors, is the current CEO and president of Confluent Medical Technologies.

Grob Systems Inc. to Host Tech Event With Industry Partners

The 5-Axis Live technology event will highlight new machining strategies for optimizing the production of complex medical, aerospace and mold/die parts.

5 Tips for Running a Profitable Aerospace Shop

Aerospace machining is a demanding and competitive sector of manufacturing, but this shop demonstrates five ways to find aerospace success.

EDM, Laser Micromachining and More at GF Medical Demo Center

At GF’s Medical Center of Competence, the company shows off EDM and laser features that could make a large impact on medical manufacturing — and elsewhere.

For This Machine Shop, Licensing Is the Answer to the Inventor’s Dilemma

Machine shops are natural inventors, but not necessarily suited to supporting and marketing a product. This Minnesota shop with an invention related to micromolding will share it through licensing.

Sunnen Products Company Partners With Hendrick Motorsports

The partnership puts the new Sunnen SV-series honing machine in the Hendrick Motorsports engine operation alongside other Sunnen honing and engine building machines.

Cimatron's Updated CAD/CAM Software Streamlines Mold Design

Eastec 2023: Cimatron V16 includes a clean new user interface and increased automation for faster mold design, electrode creation and NC programming.

Machine Monitoring Boosts Aerospace Manufacturer's Utilization

Once it had a bird’s eye view of various data points across its shops, this aerospace manufacturer raised its utilization by 27% in nine months.

Solar Atmospheres Receives Northrop Grumman Approval for South Carolina Facility

All five Solar Atmospheres facilities are now an option for customers with Northrop Grumman requirements for vacuum heat treating.

GF Machining Solutions Plans to Open New Medical Manufacturing Facility

The new center will provide medicamanufacturers with applications support and production technologies, including precision milling, EDM, laser texturing, micromachining and automation

Ametek EMC Laser Cutting System Offers Through-Part Cooling

The new laser cutting system offers comprehensive Swiss machining capabilities, as well as through-part cooling and automatic part-handling options.

4 Steps to a Cobot Culture: How Thyssenkrupp Bilstein Has Answered Staffing Shortages With Economical Automation

Safe, economical automation using collaborative robots can transform a manufacturing facility and overcome staffing shortfalls, but it takes additional investment and a systemized approach to automation in order to realize this change.
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Solar Atmosphere Receives Boeing Approval for Vacuum Oil Quenching

The approval was granted for oil quenching of alloy steels in the company’s new furnace, the Neo.

Arch Cutting Tools Acquires Custom Carbide Cutter Inc.

The acquisition adds Custom Carbide Cutter’s experience with specialty carbide micro tools and high-performance burrs to Arch Cutting Tool’s portfolio.

Dielectric Oil Dramatically Reduces EDM Maintenance

Plagued by repeated small fires that interrupted its wire EDM throughput, this cutting tool manufacturer changed its dielectric oil and both eliminated fires and reduced its oil consumption.