Medical Shop Performs Lights-Out Production in Five-Axes

Moving to five-axis machining enabled this shop to dramatically reduce setup time and increase lights-out capacity, but success relied on the right combination of workholding and automation.

Racer Machinery Lathe Enables Full Ram Travel

The VTX machine series features programmatic indexing of the Y-axis, enabling for extended height to accommodate taller parts.

Kaast Grinding Machine Handles Large Workpieces

The R-Grind HD cylindrical grinders are able to accommodate workpieces up to 31" × 156" and/or 4,400 lbs.

Edge Technology Sliding-Headstock Lathe Boosts RPM

The FMB Turbo 3-38 for sliding-headstock CNC lathes provides superior bar pushing and stock support in the transition zone between the bar feeder and lathe spindle.

ANCA Grinding Solution Provides Flexible Five-Axis Machining

The TX7 Linear and TXcell Linear provide flexibility in the applications that can be put through it than other three-axis grinders more traditionally used for punch manufacturing.

Fryer’s Horizontal Boring Mill Designed for Ease of Use

The HB Series Boring Mills feature rugged cast iron bodies and high-precision ballscrews and bearings to ensure high-accuracy tolerances.

Q&A: How a Self-Taught Machinist Started His Own Business

This machinist found an opportunity in a niche market and decided to learn machining and create his own business. Here's how he did it.

Mazak Horizontal Turning Center Enables Versatile Machining

The QT-Ez 8MSY horizontal turning machine integrates seamlessly with bar feeders and robots, and accepts many additional options to tailor it to the needs of any shop.

Steady Culture, Flexible Plans Enable Custom Tooling Success

By late 2019, West Ohio Tool’s client list only spanned one page. The company overhauled its culture and is now on track for its most successful year ever.

EDM Network's Wire EDM Targets 3D-Printed Mold Component Removal 

EDM Network introduces the EDMMax 434W that enables customers to economically cut 3D-printed mold inserts from their build plates.

3 Lessons Job Shops Can Learn From Laser Cutters

This laser-cutting “job shop” designs its processes to make high-mix, low volume work profitable.

Should Blisk Machining be in Your Growth Plan?

Blisk machining offers a great business opportunity but requires technical expertise in machining difficult materials with multi-axis machines. The right partner can help you get started.

Large-Format Multitasking Simplifies Tube Manufacturing

Downtime is the enemy of efficient manufacturing — a problem FIBA Technologies has addressed through purchasing a Soraluce FLP 14000.

MC Machinery EDM Offerings Provide Optimized Performance

MC Machinery’s Mitsubishi SG12 and MV2400 EDMs provide ergonomic and efficient operations.

Multitasking Machines Cut Days From Shop’s Setups

Adopting WFL Millturn machines enabled BWXT to condense operations and setups while also providing a simple way to simulate and secure processes.

Sodick Die-Sinker EDM Fits Range of Automation Needs

The Sodick ALG EDM series doubles motor response speed for the development of accurate, high-quality molds, and is equipped with automated features for continuous operations.  

Which Approach to Automation Fits Your CNC Machine Tool?

Choosing the right automation to pair with a CNC machine tool cell means weighing various factors, as this fabrication business has learned well.

Building Machines and Apprenticeships In-House: 5-Axis Live

Universal machines were the main draw of GROB’s 5-Axis Live — though the company’s apprenticeship and support proved equally impressive.

Supertec Grinders Machine Small, Thin Parts

Available in both Plunge and Anglehead designs, Supra grinders offer a work envelope of 10" swing × 20", 30" or 40" between centers.


Swiss-Type Control Uses CNC Data to Improve Efficiency

Advanced controls for Swiss-type CNC lathes uses machine data to prevent tool collisions, saving setup time and scrap costs.


Lean Approach to Automated Machine Tending Delivers Quicker Paths to Success

Almost any shop can automate at least some of its production, even in low-volume, high-mix applications. The key to getting started is finding the simplest solutions that fit your requirements. It helps to work with an automation partner that understands your needs.

In Moldmaking, Mantle Process Addresses Lead Time and Talent Pool

A new process delivered through what looks like a standard machining center promises to streamline machining of injection mold cores and cavities and even answer the declining availability of toolmakers.
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