Measurement tools are used to verify that a part’s dimensions conform to required tolerances. They include calipers, micrometers, gages, CMMs and profilometers.

How to Calibrate Gages and Certify Calibration Programs

Tips for establishing and maintaining a regular gage calibration program.

Measurement: Essential Reading

How to Choose the Correct Measuring Tool for Any Application

There are many options to choose from when deciding on a dimensional measurement tool. Consider these application-based factors when selecting a measurement solution.

A Case for Combining Workholding with Optical Scanning

Automotive dies and die inserts are often complex, one-off parts with little room for error. Integrity Tool's investments in modular workholding tools and 3D optical scanning have allowed the company to create niche capabilities for its CNC machined parts.

How to Choose the Right Cut Off When Measuring Roughness

Measurement results for surface finishing parameters can vary depending on the filter parameter (Lc), also known as the cutoff.

Understanding Errors In Hand-Held Measuring Instruments

Different instruments (and different operators) are prone to different errors.

How To Calibrate Your Calipers

If you’re interested in calibrating your own digital, dial or Vernier calipers, here are some steps to take to make sure it goes off without a hitch.


FAQ: Measurement

What is a caliper?

Calipers, which can be Vernier, dial or digital, are versatile tools for basic length measurement. They can be used on the shop floor, in the inspection room or even in the home by hobbyists.

Source: Caliper Tips And Tricks


What is a micrometer?


A micrometer consists of two opposing surfaces, a stationary anvil and a moveable spindle. On most micrometers, these hardened steel or carbide-tipped contact surfaces are flat. However, micrometers can also be equipped with contact tips with unique forms for measuring special part characteristics.

Convenience is one of the reasons the micrometer is often the tool of choice for length/diameter measurements. The basic micrometer provides direct size information quickly, has high resolution and is easily adaptable to many different measurement applications.

Source: How to choose a micrometer that fits your needs



What is a gauge?


Gages are indirect reading instruments. The measurement units live not on the scale but off-site (for example, in a calibration room), and a master or other standard object acts as their substitute. The workpiece is compared against the master and only indirectly against the measurement units. The gage thus evaluates not the dimension itself, but the difference between the mastered dimension and the workpiece dimension. Examples of these comparative gages include an adjustable bore gage, mechanical snap gages or bench stands with dial indicators.

Gages tend to be faster and more accurate than measuring instruments. This is because they are dedicated to a particular size, and over their short range, they produce higher resolution and hence, greater accuracy.

Source: When Gaging Becomes Measuring That Becomes Gaging



What does CMM mean?

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is a measurement tool that consists of a motion system, a probing system, a computer and measurement software.

Source: Machining 101: What Are Coordinate Measuring Machines?



Measurement Suppliers

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