Medical Shop Performs Lights-Out Production in Five-Axes

Moving to five-axis machining enabled this shop to dramatically reduce setup time and increase lights-out capacity, but success relied on the right combination of workholding and automation.

Monaghan Solid Carbide Drills Optimize Holemaking Performance

MK Tools’ Speed Drill S2 and S4 series are said to be ideal for high-volume production runs to one-off machine shop projects.

Ringspann Clamping System Features Universal Seating Body

The BKDW clamp series covers a clamping range of 11.9 to 132 mm and offers flange mandrels with maximum actuating forces between 2,300 and 3,840 N, which can transmit torques of 11 to 25 Nm.

Ceratizit Product Update Enhances Cutting Tool Solutions

The company has updated its MaxiMill 273-08 face mill, WPC – Change Drill, as well as the HyPower Rough and HyPower Access 4.5-degree hydraulic chucks.

Walter Turning Grades Reduce Machining Times

The WKP01G and WPP05G grades are ideal for continuous cutting and occasional interrupted cuts in high-tensile materials.

Sandvik Coromant Drill Provides High Hole Integrity

CoroDrill 860 solid carbide drill is optimized for drilling in nickel-based, HRSA materials.

Fairlane Workholding Components Enable Modular Positioning

Fairlane Products Inc.’s Swivots workholding components swivel, pivot and tilt to compensate for angles and irregularities of the workpiece.

Platinum Tooling Imports Catalog for Improved Surface Quality

Platinum Tooling now imports the full Hommel and Keller catalog of cut and form knurling, knurling wheels and marking tools.

Sandvik Coromant Milling Tool Boosts Productivity in Steel Machining

CoroMill MR80 is designed for challenging roughing operations in a wide range of face and profile milling applications in steel and stainless steel.

Dillon Soft Top Jaws Improve Concentricity, Chuck Balance

The soft jaws are designed to provide better concentric performance chuck balance, as well as enable a longer jaw life because of the increased jaw accuracy.

Trumpf Deburring Tool Provides Repeatable Accuracy

The TruTool TKA 1500 edge milling tool is now available with a new cutting mount and guide fence for increased applications and safety.

Tungaloy-NTK America Key Bits Improve Drill Body Service Life

The KHS key bits are designed to enable easy measuring of the drill head release torque.

Sandvik Coromant Turning Grade Provides High-Feed Roughing

The GC4405 steel turning grade features a new carbide substrate with an optimized microstructure, which reduces plastic deformation in high-feed applications.

Emuge-Franken End Mill Wins ANCA's Tool of the Year Award

Emuge-Franken received the award for its specialized tool based on the new Cera-Cut end mill design.

Big Daishowa Enhances Boring Tools With Vibration Damping

Smart Damper technology shortens the distance from the damping mechanism to the cutting edge, which is the source of vibration.

Making the Most of Mixed Toolholder Assemblies

While nearly all ER systems will have cross compatibility, they’ll have small differences across manufacturers that make their implementation at the shop level not as standard.

Allied Machine's Threaded Lathe Sleeves Maximize Coolant Flow

The sleeves are well suited for job shops that are using aging lathes, and are designed for use on machines that do not have the capability to run through-the-turret coolant.

Tungaloy Grooving Toolholders Provide Highly Stable Machining

TungHeavyGroove includes an enhanced insert clamping design for maximum tool rigidity.

Seco Tooling Lineup Promotes Optimized Part Processing

The company’s expanded tooling lineup is aimed at applications ranging from general ISO turning to high-volume hard turning and deep-hole drilling.

Darex Adds End Mill Attachment to Drill Sharpener

This LEX600 end mill attachment enables users to sharpen the primary and secondary grind on the tips of two-, three- or four-fluted end mills up to 5/8".

Jergens Workholding System Clamps Challenging Workpieces

The Adaptix vise jaw system is designed to accommodate part configurations, adapting to asymmetrical and other features quickly.

Scientific Cutting Tools' Port Tools Provide Smooth Surface Finish

The AS5202-X and SAEJ1926-X series of port tools are ideal for nonstandard thread minor diameters and lengths.