CAD/CAM Software is used to generate part designs and CNC machining programs corresponding to part designs. Short for “computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing,” these systems create these programs for CNC machine tools. In general, CAM development has proceeded along two different tracks. Geometry-based CAM systems used in die/mold machining and other applications focus on complex milled geometries. Algorithms provide specific and efficient ways for machining complex geometries with both high precision and long tool life. By contrast, feature-based CAM systems are generally used in the production machining of geometrically simpler components.


Building A Powerful Bridge from the CAM Programmer to the Shop Floor Operator

SolidCAM for Operators provides a powerful bridge from CAM programming to the shop floor to best streamline the machine shop process with its CAM part simulation. It provides a clear picture to the operator for setup and prove-out, enables minor G-Code changes and avoids crashes, broken tools and scrapped parts.

CAD/CAM: Essential Reading

When to Use Custom Macros With a CAM System

Custom macros can offer benefits even when using a CAM system to prepare programs – but must be implemented with the right considerations.

How to Get More Efficient Production from Swiss-Type and Multitasking Machines

SolidCAM for multi-axis Swiss type and multitasking machines provides a very efficient CAM programming process, generating optimal and safe Mill-Turn programs, with dramatically improved milling tool life.

Simulation Saves Money When Machining Expensive Parts

Jobs machining expensive materials mean Keselowski Advanced Manufacturing needs to be extremely cautious. The operations manager says Vericut not only prevents mistakes, it shortens cycle times.

How to Slash 5-Axis Finishing Time

Finally there is an alternative to ballnose endmills for finishing 3D parts. The combination of finishing tools shaped to provide more cutting surface and a CAM system with the ability to apply them on a five-axis machining center can dramatically reduce finishing cycle times while delivering better surface finishes.

4 Things to Incorporate in CAM-System-Generated CNC Programs

Streamline G-code programs created by CAM systems.



What is CAD/CAM?

In the world of metalworking, the CAM part of CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing) generally means software for programming CNC machine tools. CAD is the computer-aided process that creates a design of a part or object.

Source: CAM at a Crossroads

What is CAD/CAM programming?

There are three methods of writing CNC programs, including using CAD/CAM software. CAD/CAM programming minimizes the need for the programmer to perform complex math calculations. Due to the minimal amount of math required by the programmer, CAD/CAM programming tends to be more efficient than manual programming.

By using an existing CAD drawing file and importing data into the CAM software, the programmer only needs to decide on which process and tooling to employ, typically using a list of tooling data and cutting conditions. The CAM software then calculates all of the moves necessary to machine the part.

What are the disadvantages of using CAD/CAM?

Programmers must keep in mind that there is some potential for unintentionally entering incorrect data. Another problem is that sometimes, the original drawing file is not available to the CNC programmer.

What is the relationship between CAD and CAM?

Most product design is performed on computers using CAD software. Then, that design or drawing file data is imported into the CAM software. After a few selections from the programmer, the CAM software will use that data and calculate the necessary moves to machine the part.

What are the advantages of CAD/CAM?

CAD/CAM programming minimizes the need for the programmer to perform complex math calculations. Due to the minimal amount of math required by the programmer, CAD/CAM programming tends to be more efficient than manual programming.


CAD/CAM Suppliers

Lantek Bevel Module Streamlines CAD/CAM Programming

The EdgeLine Bevel module simplifies programming and streamlines CNC programming of modern Trumpf cutting machines for more efficient laser machining.

Automated CAM Programming – Is Your Software Really Delivering?

A look at the latest automation tools in Autodesk Fusion 360 software and how forward-thinking machine shops and manufacturing departments are using them to slash delivery times and win more business. 

SolidCAM Releases Simulation Software for CNC Operators

SolidCAM for Operator enables machinists to understand the clamping setups and home positions, and to view a complete simulation before running the G-code on the CNC machine.

Kennametal Integrates New Tool Library With Mastercam

Mastercam users will be able to import data on Kennametal’s cutting tools, including GoDrill and Kenna Universal solid carbide drills, as well as a selection of end mills.

SmartCAMcnc's Updated Software Features Functional Improvements

SmartCAM v2023 delivers improvements to model information, viewing and display, user interface and usability, macro automation and CAD data translation.

Protolabs Expands Offerings Through Digital Manufacturing Network

Volume pricing, precision tolerances, improved finishes and other machining capabilities available for product developers and production buyers.