Can ChatGPT Create Usable G-Code Programs?

Since its debut in late 2022, ChatGPT has been used in many situations, from writing stories to writing code, including G-code. But is it useful to shops? We asked a CAM expert for his thoughts.


Building Machines and Apprenticeships In-House: 5-Axis Live

Universal machines were the main draw of GROB’s 5-Axis Live — though the company’s apprenticeship and support proved equally impressive.


Swiss-Type Control Uses CNC Data to Improve Efficiency

Advanced controls for Swiss-type CNC lathes uses machine data to prevent tool collisions, saving setup time and scrap costs.


Building A Powerful Bridge from the CAM Programmer to the Shop Floor Operator

SolidCAM for Operators provides a powerful bridge from CAM programming to the shop floor to best streamline the machine shop process with its CAM part simulation. It provides a clear picture to the operator for setup and prove-out, enables minor G-Code changes and avoids crashes, broken tools and scrapped parts.


Lean Approach to Automated Machine Tending Delivers Quicker Paths to Success

Almost any shop can automate at least some of its production, even in low-volume, high-mix applications. The key to getting started is finding the simplest solutions that fit your requirements. It helps to work with an automation partner that understands your needs.


Marposs Celebrates its Past, Eyes Future Opportunities

During its open house in Auburn Hills, Michigan, Marposs presentations focused on future opportunities across growing industries such as EV and semiconductors.


Five Common Mistakes Shops Make with ER Collets (And How to Prevent Them)

Collets play a crucial role in the machining process, so proper tool assembly and maintenance is important. Here are five potential pitfalls to avoid when using ER collets.

Lights Out Machining With An Automated 5-Axis Cell

Legacy Precision Molds takes us on a tour of their moldbuilding facility. They've recently implemented two automated 5-axis cells for metal and graphite machining that run lights out during nights and weekends.


Quick-Change Tool Heads Reduce Setup on Swiss-Type Turning Centers

This new quick-change tooling system enables shops to get more production from their Swiss turning centers through reduced tool setup time and matches the performance of a solid tool.


Monaghan Reaming System Provides Long Service Life

The Diatool Top Speed Ring modular reaming system features multiblade design with uneven spacing of cutting edges to create round and cylindrical bores.