Kaast Grinding Machine Handles Large Workpieces

The R-Grind HD cylindrical grinders are able to accommodate workpieces up to 31" × 156" and/or 4,400 lbs.


Photo Credit: Kaast Machine Tools Inc.

Kaast Machine Tools Inc.’s R-Grind HD cylindrical grinders are high-performance machines for accurate production of large workpieces, such as car axels or hydraulic cylinders. Able to accommodate workpieces up to 31" × 156" and/or 4,400 lbs., this series of cylindrical grinders is said to  be ideal for shops that need a clean finish on large workpieces.

The bed of the R-Grind HD is made of sturdy Meehanite cast iron with heavy ribbing to provide overall stiffness during production, even with heavy workpieces. According to Kaast, all feed rates of the R-Grind HD series are infinitely variable, ensuring a high-quality surface finish. The belt driven spindle stock features an adjustable speed to ensure continuous, optimal conditions during the grinding process.

The hydraulically driven table feed included on the R-Grind HD series employs a soft stop at the end of the movement. The grinding wheel utilizes a rapid approach and withdrawal system. The R-Grind HD series features a hydrostatic tailstock with lever operation, as well as a hydrostatic spindle.
The R-Grind HD also has several additional options available, including an internal grinding unit, coolant system with paper filter and magnetic separator, fixed two-point fixed bevel, three-axis digital readout or additional grinding wheels and flanges.