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ORIGIN Intelligence Dental Scanner

All new SSS Method scanning

ORIGIN Intelligence Dental Scanner

Impression scanning

ORIGIN Intelligence Dental Scanner

Super easy-to-use

ORIGIN Intelligence Dental Scanner

Direct compatibility with Articulators

ORIGIN Intelligence Dental Scanner

Open and Flexible

ORIGIN Intelligence 3D Dental Scanning ORIGIN Intelligence 3D Dental Scanning

Advanced CAD System for Dental Applications. Now Featuring:

A scanner that is designed to do its task in the most efficient and intuitive way.

• More precise - 2.0MP cameras (previously 1.3MP)

• Fast and Reliable - USB 3.0 supported

• Enhanced Articulator Compatibility - Bigger entrance-size

• Moving camera technology - Patent Pending

• Improved technology allows for a deeper scan area of the impression

• Larger scan area, works with Semi-adjustable Articulator

• White light scanning

• Sharp margin line