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B&D Dental Technologies offers a uniquely universal zirconia that delivers on the promise of beauty and strength. Beyond Plus™ is more than a true replacement for lithium disilicate such as e.max. It is stronger with equal or better aesthetics.


• Dentists no longer have to compromise strength for beauty.

Their choice has been simplified.

• Labs benefit from a dense material that allows them to reproduce a sharp margin while still milling the 98mm zirconia disc easily (due to deliberate pre-sintering parameters).

The Perfect Culmination of Translucency & Strength,

Beyond Plus Zirconia is in a Class of It's Own.

The True Next Generation High Performance Zirconia


  Strongest Anterior (>1100 MPa)

  Most Translucent Posterior

(>47% Total Light Transmittance @ 600 nm Wavelength)

  Eliminates Graying on Lighter Shades

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ORIGIN® Beyond is a new breed of zirconia. It’s superior aesthetic qualities combined with greater optical clarity make it ideal for anterior full contour restorations. Its vibrant transparency will raise posterior aesthetics to new heights while offering 2x the strength of lithium disilicate crowns.


• Optimized microstructure provides higher translucency

• Significant flexural strength, in excess of 803 MPa

Anterior & Posterior, Full Contour

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• Highest translucency (46.5% total light translucency at 600 nano-meter wavelength, 1mm thick) among 9 active brands.

• Proprietary manufacturing process guarantees no distortion regardless of framework size.

• Premium quality with far less chipping than other brands

• Excellent aesthetics and 100% biocompatibility

Strong, Cost-effective & Provides a Natural Aesthetic

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ORIGIN Intelligence Custom Implant Abutment

• Compatible with Major Implant Systems

• The zirconia abutments are cemented to the titanium interface to become one strong unit

• Best of Both Worlds: The precise fit of a titanium interface with the colored aesthetics of a custom designed zirconia abutment

• The titanium interface provides the necessary metal-to-metal connection between screw and implant. There is no compromise  on the standard recommendation for torque pressure on the screw and abutment since the screw does not torque directly into the zirconia material.

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Precision Milling Center - ORIGIN NobleTITAN TitaniumPrecision Milling Center - ORIGIN NobleTITAN Titanium

• Titanium is one of the most bio-compatible metals available (proven for implants)

• 10 micron knife edge margin right off the machine

• No more metal casting problems - i.e. short margin, rocking, distortion, soldering, etc.

• Ideal CAD/CAM substitute for base metal & noble metal

• Single crowns to 16-unit bridges

• ADA placed Titanium between High-noble and Noble alloys in the revised classification because of its excellent bio-compatibility

• Major insurance companies cover Titanium prosthetics at higher allowance than even noble metal

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Precision Milling Center - Cobalt Chromium

Cobalt-Chromium (CoCr)

Non-precious, Low-cost Alternative to Create Individual Crowns and Multi-tooth Bridges

• Highly bio-compatible (Nickel free)

• Highly resistant to corrosion and heat

• 10 micron knife edge margin right off the machine

• No more metal casting problems - i.e. short margin, rocking, distortion, soldering, etc.

• CE certified material - Made in Germany

• Single crowns to 16-unit bridges

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Precision Milling Center - Wax / PMMA / TempsPrecision Milling Center - Wax / PMMA / TempsWAX

• Stronger and more stable than regular wax material with 100% castability

• Precise margins, a perfect fit for both copings and full anatomical wax crowns

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